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Inkworm's profile, or the uncomfortable truth!

Nooees the image is stolen Found wandering in the hills of Somerset with only a pencil and a jug of cider sometime in the mid 70's, the being known as Inkworm (or Chris to his wife and daddy to the little ones) somehow managed to acquire a crude form of education despite many hours spent staring into the sky at Sea Harriers and Sea Furies. Education at this time revolved exclusively around learning which types of rock were edible and how to make marks on skin and bark. This involved simple monochromatic pictures in the early years following the discovery of mud, but later works saw the development of more advanced forms of finger painting involving more substantial material such as rocks or small stones. Given a computer in an effort to reduce the consumption of crayons, he started playing. However Photoshop wouldn't run on a 48k Spectrum, the software started installing at some stage in 1984 and is still going on, so he soon moved on to more weighty hardware.

The end result of all this can only be described as an education of Arty and Design stuff, either through sheer luck or misfortune the experiences have been honed into the fine but slightly twisted talent that now goes by the name Inkworm. This designer can now be found in the Midlands watching the sky or rugby especially when played by the Tigers, enjoying a good book and the occasional bad book, having the odd beer or four when the cider has run dry, attempting to be cultured, trying and failing to recreate the good old student days, pursuing a range of projects with fellow designers and of course colouring in aeroplanes.

Though it has never been proven or denied Inkworm claims to be an expert in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, and MS Paint (though only in Windows 95). Despite this he may well be able to use other versions of Windows and that shiny MAC thing. Research has uncovered a number of websites for which Inkworm has been responsible for. Recent observations of efforts to teach have concluded that that there is a rudimentary knowledge of Illustrator and a strong desire to communicate this to others..

It is also of growing concern that he has been allowed access to traditional material such as Acrylic, Gouache, Pencil and Water Colour, though adult supervision is still encouraged.

Despite all the odds a degree in History of Art & Design was acquired along the way, as was the ability to eat in public places, house training however is still work in progress.

Those kind enough to encourage and support this designer in his quest to carry on enjoying himself include a range of well known aviation periodicals and book publishers.

Inkworm is available for hire, if it is for design work then this is considered a bonus, go to the contacts page for a handy submission form. If you do not find thinks to occupy this individual then he will spend more time educating his young daughter on the important things in life such as why donít sheep go moo!

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