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Inkworm's Cartoon Planes

Lots of planes, just like the rest of the illustrations these are sketches that are then 'drawn' in Illustrator, they're a bit of an obsession and are rather fun to do.

The latest editions to the set are the P51 Ferocious Frankie and the B17 Sally B, there are more in the pipeline.

Cartoon P51 Mustang Cartoon B17 Sally B / Memphis Belle Cartoon Hawk Jet Cartoon Hercules Cartoon English Electric Lightning Cartoon Harrier GR9a Cartoon Lancaster Bomber Cartoon Phantom Cartoon Meteor Cartoon Hunter Cartoon Eurofighter Typhoon Cartoon Jaguar Cartoon Spitfire Cartoon Seaking Cartoon Javelin Cartoon Hurricane Cartoon F14 Tomcat Cartoon A10 Warthog
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